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About us

usolvit consultants GmbH is a consulting company founded by Susanne Burgstaller which specializes in solution-focused change facilitation and talent development.

The roots of our beliefs are in Solution-Focus following Insoo Kim Berg  and Steve de Shazer. More recently we have also been using other solution-focused approaches, most notably that of the BRIEF institute in London (founded and run by Chris Iveson, Harvey Ratner and Evan George – www.brief.org.uk) as well as the Reteaming concept originally designed by Furman and Tapani Ahola. Susanne is part of the network of internationally accredited reteaming coaches  (http://www.reteaming.com/coaches/). Occasionally we also avail ourselves of useful methods from Positive Organisational Scholarship (POS) , Positive Psychology,  organisational development and process consulting, and systemic organisational consulting.

A current research project is our work on the question: “What do excellent change agents do right in order to facilitate change in organizations effectively?” We have conducted a survey and many interviews on the subject and come to very interesting conclusions. We are in the process of deducing from these results several products and publications. Do contact us if you want to take part in the research!

About usolvit

usolvit was founded in early 2009 by Susanne Burgstaller. She learnt the trade of consulting in her early years in the UK when she worked for a consulting company in Cambridge and London. After ten years as a manager she returned to consulting and spent the next decade in cooperation with and as a partner of Trigon Development Consultants.

In 2008 the time came for an independent enterprise which allowed her, together with friends and colleagues, to apply and develop the solution-focused approach in greater depth, the vision being to create something new together with competent partners.

The usolvit core team, together with the network of our cooperation partners, has created many interesting and successful projects for our customers.

We would be very pleased to work for you as well!