Cooperations, Networks and Partners

usolvit is part of the following cooperations and networks with partner  organizations:

Network of solution-focused practitioners in organizations:

Network of internationally accredited reteaming coaches:

International Coach Federation:

Cooperation with SF colleagues across Europe:

Austrian Solution Circle

Solutions connect us! The ASC is a circle of colleagues in Austria with whom we share methods, approaches and projects. 

SOL World

SOL – Solutions in Organisations Link-up is an international network of colleagues and partner-organisations. Susanne Burgstaller is a regular presenter at the international SOLworld conferences and a member of the Steering Committee of the SOL community. 


SOL – Solutions in Organisations Link-up is also running an annual conference in the German language. In 2015 it will be held in Bad Soden near Frankfurt on May 29-30. Susanne is part of the organizing team. 

asfct – The association for the quality development of solution-focused consulting and training

sfct gives a voice to SF practitioners working in organizations and is a focal institution for developments in the field. It published the magazine InterAction. 


After 10 years of cooperation with Trigon Development Consultants there are many personal and professional ties. 

Spidi – Language of Life

Our valued colleague Margarete Friedl, the Managing Director of SPIDI Languages Centre and Consulting, lets us use her wonderful, centrally located rooms in the middle of Vienna. They are ideal for coachings and small group meetings. There our customers find a warm welcome. Maggies Team gives us organisational support should the need arise.

Here are the profiles of some of our colleagues in Austria with whom usolvit has been working together in projects:

Robert Apflauer, BA

Robert is a certified Outdoor Trainer and consultant, working for both profit and non-profit organisations. He conducts teambuildings, leadership seminars and organisational development initiatives. He supports usolvit in the field of outdoor and teambuilding events.

Mag. Reinhard Bodlak, MSc

Reinhard has a large store of experience in the field of HR Development and Organisational Development. He works as a consultant in the areas of Leadership development, Teambuilding and Coaching. usolvit is pleased to also have his support as an assessor. 

DI Herta Tödtling-Schönhofer

Herta runs her own company which is offering public policy consulting to European and Austrian institutions. The focus of her consulting expertise is HR Management, Leadership, Management complex projects. She supports usolvit in the field of HRD through selection procedures, assessments and management audits. Her working languages are German and English. 

Mag. Karin Macke

Karin is a psychotherapist and author. She supports us in conducting Assessments and Management Audits. She is our expert for Gender-issues, Stress-, and Burnout-prevention, and creative writing. She is in charge of the Counselling Service at Webster University Vienna and is a certified Reteaming Coach. Her working languages are German and English. 

Dr. Gerhard Denk

Gerhard works with us in projects on which he brings his expertise as supervisor and team coach to bear. He also supports us in assessments and management audits, as well as in team building events. 

Dr. Doris Regele

Doris consults organisations in communication-, and change projects. She supports us during assessments and is a competent coach, trainer and teambuilder. Her working languages are German and English. 

Claudia Bühlmann

Claudia is a trained and experienced actress, director and producer. She also teaches young actors and actresses at various institutions. Sometimes we have the good luck to engage her as the director of one of our u-act theatre workshops!