Bennie Bartels


My “TANGO AS A METAPHOR” workshops use (tango)-dance as a means and metaphor to experiment with and become aware of how we interact and communicate with ourselves, others and our surroundings. I confront participants with simple, doable physical experiments and games in different groupings. Participants experience the direct outcomes of their experiments and evaluate their them in discussions. I also propose some ideas on “tango lessons for leadership” and open them up for discussion.

Participants can reflect on their own roles and skills as leaders and as followers, and have a chance to question their working practices. The result of this may be a heightened sense of awareness in doing what is working for them already, or a conscious and deliberate change of practice if they feel that different behaviours are more useful.

I do not intend to tell anyone what to do in areas of leadership where you are the expert, but to facilitate experiences for you that give you a clearer understanding and awareness of how communication processes can work well in leadership situations, and how to consciously use them in your everyday strategies


Dance is one of the wonders that I have met in my life. I have worked with inspiring teachers and genius choreographers whose work was always more than a dance, more than a play, more than steps or technique. It tapped into the physical intelligence and imagination that I carried within me from childhood, growing up on a farm.  I was a wild and shy kid with an imaginative mind in a not very verbal or communicative world.

The dance took me around the world (with LaLaLaHuman Steps, Amanda Miller, Shusaku Dormu and many others) teaching tango and movement, and allowed me to play, to dream and to meet rich environments. Growing up is something I only recently discovered and there was – and still is – a lot to learn.

Learning became „my thing“ and I discovered a method that calls itself Feldenkrais. I followed  the training (2005-2008) and became an accredited practitioner. It taught me that my curiosity, playfulness, imagination, fearlessness, and strong mind of my own were resources which, together with my farming background, have made me into the dancer, performer and teacher I am today.

I am still learning, currently about emotional intelligence.  Earlier I was always looking for when “it” was finally done, when I would have reached my end goal where life would begin – or so I thought. I have now come to enjoy the process of life as it is. The now that hangs between the past and the future.

At present I am…

A teacher in Argentine tango and movement in many countries throughout Europe.
A trainer for individuals and groups who are interested in exploring the connections between dance, communication and leadership.

A leader of workshops in Feldenkrais for groups and individuals.
A maker of performances, giving creative workshops in dance connected to theatre.

  • 2-hour teaser sessions on “TANGO AS A METAPHOR”
  • half-day workshops
  • full-day workshops
  • 2-3 day leadership training workshops

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