Consulting & Facilitation

Change Management Consulting

A clear and shared vision of where the journey is heading and what will be different and better afterwards is the alpha and omega of successful change. Equally important: to get going quickly. A push from outside that unites everyone can help enormously.

Let's plan together how you can

  • Unite your management team through a common vision and purpose
  • Build a change alliance
  • Establish good stakeholder management
  • Encourage your middle managers to get on board
  • Convince your employees of the benefits of change
  • Maintain momentum

usolvit services range from consulting or coaching for your management-, or change team to facilitation, input on the various change stages up to a complete support of your change journey.

Get guidance for your change expedition!

Change Communication

In change processes, the information different target groups require can be very different. Information deficits get the rumour mill going. Rumours provide an ideal breeding ground for negative emotions, resistance and counter-tactics.

Avoid these dangers by building modern change communication campaigns with usolvit:

  • Specific to target groups, so that you can meet their different needs and fears
  • Personal, so that people feel addressed by your tone and taken seriously
  • Structured and continuous, with a clear editorial plan, so that efficiency and reliability are increased
  • As transparent as possible, so that the rumour mill is preempted
  • Making use of new media and a variety of methods
  • Interesting and appropriate to the organization and its various target groups

usolvit services include consultation to set up your change communication campaign, tools and new methods, and communication coaching of your executives.

Professionalise your change communication!

Facilitation of Change Teams

If you want to change your organisation effectively, you need to try out new practices that will work and make a positive difference. This can usually only be achieved by experimentation.

This becomes clear in our work with change teams: How can we

  • Generate enough energy to get going quickly and make continuous progress
  • Pursue our destination and still remain flexible?
  • Steer without knowing the exact path?
  • Constantly adjust our course?
  • Recognise and minimise risks?
  • Celebrate and rest without losing momentum?
Get professional support to keep your change team on track!

Consulting: Sustainable Change

For sustainable change, change leaders need to continuously invest time and attention in order to build change into the official and unofficial paths of the organisation - to keep the change wheel moving.

What is different after a usolvit consultation with change sponsors on "sustainable change"?

  • Changes are continuously embedded in existing or new processes or structures
  • Useful changes are evaluated and can be scaled up and/or transferred to other areas or processes
  • New processes are defined, e.g. a new staff interview, or better ways of delivering services to clients
  • Key stakeholders are suitably engaged to support the change
  • New change expeditions can start – change and learning have become an integral part of the organisation
Sustain change and momentum!