usolvit consultants supports you in creating solutions for your organisation, teams and individuals. Our offer is tailored precisely to your requirements. Each project is unique because every organisation and person is unique.

You may ask yourself: In what areas has usolvit built up experience and expertise?  Learn here about some situations out of which usolvit projects have arisen in the recent past.

Our strategy needs to be lived

Solutions for Organisations

  • Our strategy needs to be “lived”. – Process monitoring to support the strategy implementation and culture change in an organization with about 500 employees (duration: 2-3 years)
  • We need a new mission statement. – seting up a process to develop a mission statement with employees, executives, and board members. (This was done recently in two organizations with 1000 and 450 employees respectively)
  • Reorganization: How do we get the executives involved? – Accompany restructuring and cultural change in an organization of experts. (350 staff members, duration: 3 years)
  • Supporting the restructuring of the HR function in a group with several thousand employees through workshops on “Solution Focused Change Management” with stakeholders and executives.
  • What will the future bring? – Scenario workshops to derive a strategy with the top management of an expert organisation.
  • Better cooperation for all. – Fostering a positive climate in an organizational unit with about 60 employees.
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Who are our most talented staff?

Solutions for HRD

  • Who are our most talented staff? – Setting up a new talent management and succession planning process in an international conglomerate, and facilitating the annual talent conferences.
  • How do we identify our top young managers in a professional manner? – Development and implementation of development assessments (DACs) for a large international corporation with more than 30,000 employees jointly with an international project group. Licensing of the assessment product for internal use.
  • Select the right people for the new organisation – matching staff and leadership positions in the reorganisation of a business unit with 400 employees.
  • What skills do our managers need? – Creating a cross-organizational competency model for managers at various levels. (This was done in several profit and non-profit organizations.)
  • Talents – Quo vadis? – Design and implementation of Talent Development Events to reflect on competences and create a personal development plan for the high potentials in an organisation of about 2,000 employees.
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Less people – more tasks: How do we do that?

Solutions for Teams

Some current issues of our team buildings:

  • New leader – existing team: How do we forge an alliance?
  • Less people – more work: How do we cope with that?
  • We are good, only our client does not see it that way. – Workshop with team and client to improve cooperation, and to save the job!
  • Help, conflicts in the team! – Workshop on processing and preventing conflicts.
  • How can we prepare ourselves well for the future? – Team workshop to prepare for an internal cost reduction programme.
  • How can we improve our cooperation further?
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What’s next in my career?

Solutions for Individuals

These are the most common questions that arise when we are engaged in coaching:

  • What’s next in my career?
  • How can I develop myself?
  • I am new to this (leadership) position. What should I focus on?
  • Trouble with my boss / my colleagues / my staff members.
  • Coping with or effecting changes in the organization.
  • Taking important decisions.
  • Read more here as well as in our Coaching-FAQs.