Solutions for Individuals

Even the most competent individuals can sometimes get stuck in a difficult situation. Solutions-focused brief coaching gives you an impulse that quickly activates your resources and allows you to move on independently as soon as possible.

We focus on your past successes and resources, guiding you towards your idea of a preferred future with our questions. Together we search for what is working already and what might be signs of progress. We listen attentively and respect your competent decisions for implementing your solutions in your daily life.

We take a solution-focused approach and support you in uncovering your talents, past successes, and resources, as well as your vision for the future. We apply different creative methods to do this, including for example your “destination map”, strengths finder tools, best self portraits, biography lines, motivation assessment, and many more, depending on your needs.

You will come out of your coaching with a better understanding of your past successes and a feeling of your preferred future and how to move towards it.

For more information on how coaching could work for you,  read more about the most frequently asked questions and answers on coaching.

Here are some coaching issues we have special expertise in:

Leadership Coaching

Leading others can be a lonely job. A time-out with a professional partner to reflect and gain new ideas can be very beneficial. Since many of us have been managers ourselves and have been confronted with many leadership issues in organisations, we successfully coach leaders at different levels of the organisation.

usolvit can help you for example in the following situations:

  • new leadership position
  • difficulties with your team or in your organisation
  • a challenging change project
  • developing yourself and your team members
  • taking the next step in your leadership career

Susanne Burgstaller as Coach

 Career Coaching

To make sure that your career takes off, some dedicated career coaching can be useful. We direct your focus to your talents, your goals and preferred future, and identify useful next steps to take to make a move in the right direction.

Career coaching is helpful in the following typical situations:

  • You wonder whether you are bringing your talents to bear on your current job.
  • You want to take align your values ​​with your present or future job and are looking for ways to make this happen.
  • You want to pursue your career more actively.
  • You are at the beginning of your career or want to restart it after a time-out.
  • You are considering a career change or move and are wondering which route to take.
  • You are approaching the end of your professional career and want to gather momentum for your last years on the job and find a good way to “glide into” a new life.

On-the-job Coaching

For really live and hands-on coaching sessions, your coach follows you during a typical work day and provides “on-the-job” feedback on concrete situations. This is most helpful since it gives you an outside perspective on your own performance in critical situations during your day. S/he can also facilitate feedback talks with your staff members and help you derive measures from that.

Competence Coaching

Sometimes our customers have to work on specific competencies in order to master the current challenges or those of future positions (such as strategic agility, for example, or conflict management). A few targeted coaching sessions focusing on these competencies can move this process along most quickly and effectively. We deliver specialist know-how – if needed – on over- or under-use of skills, how to strengthen “career smoothers” as well as how to avoid “career stallers”, and how to design and work on an individual development plan.

Recent Feedback from some of our coaching-customers

The ideas we discussed have opened new perspectives for me and broadened my horizon from “narrow canyon” to “wide savanna” – and have added new impetus to my motivation!

Many thanks for your coaching! I benefited a lot from our meetings and got to know myself better.