Solutions for HRD

Consulting in Human Resource Development (HRD) is one of our core competencies. Mostly organizational development and HR-development activities are related. Since organizations consist of interactions between people, they will only develop if people develop and vice-versa. Therefore our aim is to promote personal and organisational development at the same time.

usolvit has done projects in the following fields:

Competency Management

A well-constructed competency model is the lifeblood of every HRD initiative. For this purpose science-based competency models can be used as a springboard. However, careful adaptation to the different requirements of each organization and function is essential to ensure a good fit. usolvit has more than 15 years of consulting experience in this field. Furthermore, usolvit has developed and offers its own competence model. This is also the backbone for our Development Centres  and well as for our Learn-Centre for Change-Agents.

Talent Management

The long predicted “war for talent” has become a reality for many organizations and functions. What support can professional talent management offer? Certainly more than “talent shopping” on the market, or helping to identify the best people. Attention must be directed to the development and maintenance of work-engagement as well as to identifying and maintaining a pool of strategic competencies in the organization. It also requires competency management, succession planning, and creating a transparent career structure for executives, experts and key people. Read more…

Identifying Potential & Assessments

usolvit assessment procedures (Assessment Centres, Development Centres, and Hearings) motivate participants to take their development into their own hands by focusing on strengths and providing concrete suggestions for their development areas. Both participants and assessors benefit greatly from them. They are most suited for internal use in selection and development of high potentials or future leaders, and for talent management initiatives. usolvit Acs and DCs belong to the new generation of assessments and apply the latest findings from research and practice. You find in them:

  • a stimulating variety of simulations that are relevant to your business
    useful reports for participants with meaningful verbal feedback
    experienced and well-trained external observers with a solution-focused coaching background
  • a development-focused toolset
  • professional logistics to generate a wide range of observations
  • rigorous quality standards in every detail

Read more in our “Frequently Asked Questions” on the different forms of assessment.

Leadership Development

Executives have a large impact on organizations because their behaviours affect employees directly and indirectly. Because of this multiplier effect investment in good leadership is particularly profitable.

People learn best on-the-job, especially if their jobs are challenging and they receive guidance and feedback. Therefore we support organisations in designing job-focused development measures. In our opinion the following factors are important to development measures that work:

  • a hands-on, lively and pragmatic approach
  • Tailor-made content that promotes business-related skills
  • good mix of different methods and approaches to learning
  • individual support for learners

usolvit offers its own products on the subjects: “Developing employees – but how?”  and  “Leading Change”. Read more about our learn-centre on “Solution-focused Change-Management”…

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