Solutions for Organisations

Organisations develop continuously and of their own accord. In our view change happens all the time, even if only in small variations of existing everyday practices and routines. These ongoing adjustments can in total have a big impact.

To effect change all that is sometimes necessary is to realign what is already well under way. In some instances, however, a bigger leap may be required. The solution-focused approach lends itself to both challenges very well. The detailed investigation of the “preferred future” allows you to leave the old “patterns” behind and create something fresh and entirely new.

What we aim for in our projects is more than the mere “functioning” of a social systems, more than pure “survival” in the market. What motivates us is to help your organization achieve excellence, its “best version” of itself.

In which fields of organizational consulting does usolvit have project experience?


If we consider strategy as statements and actions that determine the long-term orientation of an organization towards a certain future, then strategy development and implementation is at the core of all entrepreneurial and leadership activity.

However: The days of dominant strategy-staffs are over. More and more strategic tasks are taken over by line managers and even by employees. They need to do more than merely implement a given strategy. They need to co-create it, shape it, and customize it for their own work areas. In this way “blind spots” as well as the constantly evoked danger that “culture will eat strategy for breakfast” is being reduced.

If strategy is part of daily business, then every organization needs simple, applicable strategy tools for all its members. Solution-focused strategy work provides just that: it is simple, scalable, and potentially works well at any level of the organization.


Change measures should not remain at the level of declarations of intent and or newly drawn organizational charts or process models. For change to really happen it must penetrate the minds, hearts and actions of people. We firmly believe that people and organisations are basically capable of change all their lives. However, they also need good conditions for it.

usolvit provides you with a solid toolset for effecting change, as well as a lot of experience in how to effectively mobilise people in change situations. To transform resistance into cooperation, concerns into attractive futures, plans into signs of progress, action points into concrete first steps, and to increase support, confidence and hope – these challenges are our specialty.

What does the usolvit consulting process look like?

We work with a broad range of solution-focused methods. Every consultation is different because every organization is different. We find out what is special about your business and adjust to it. Therefore, the consulting process described here as an example is only one of many possible options:

Getting to Where You Want to Go, Faster!

1. Contracting – Your “best hopes” from the consultation:

Suppose we have successfully worked together: What is your best hope from this consultation?  What might be different when we have worked together successfully?

2. Your Preferred Future:

Suppose you have arrived where you want to get to: What will that destination look like? What will you be doing differently then? What will your stakeholders / customers be pleased to notice about you? etc.

3. What is working already?

In what areas is your preferred future alive already, even a little bit?  What is working well? What could you do more of?

4. Signs of Progress:

What will tell you that you are one step further along on your path to your desired future?

5. Affirm and plan:

Organisations need coordinated action in order to move along. Therefore we must ask: What projects or measures are needed? Who needs to do what to amplify any positive developments? What has to be kept as it is? What small steps can every one take in order to get change on the way?

6. Implement and Evaluate:

After a period of implementation, running pilot projects or taking experimental small steps, we evaluate whether the actions taken have achieved the desired results. We also look at whether the direction is still OK or whether perhaps the image of the desired future needs adjusting. Then a fresh course of action is mapped out according to the solution-focused motto: “If it works, do more of it. If it doesn’t work, do something else.”

Consulting Designs

Our consulting designs vary in range and scope with the project. They may include interviews, small and large group meetings, workshops with stakeholders, and large group events. For our large group events we create very individual designs based on solution-focused principles, and we also employ the methods of Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space, or Future Conference. Artistic methods such as painting, music, performing arts, pantomime, or film often enrich our workshop programmes.