Solutions for Teams

Teams evolve continually. To ensure that things are moving into the right direction and to get coordinated action towards desirable goals team members need an opportunity to meet and have conversations that go beyond the daily operative issues. This can be hard to achieve in a busy workday. A short break to do just that can help a lot.

In what situations have team development measures proven to be particularly useful?

  • You have just freshly assembled or taken over your team, or you have just got some new team members on board.
  • There is a restructuring in your organization – you and your team need to re-orient themselves.
  • You are facing a critical new situation, or the performance of your team needs to be improved.
  • There are tensions and conflicts in your team.
  • You would like to improve the motivation and cooperation in your team.

The range of topics varies in each team-building workshop. Usually one or all of the following topic areas are addressed:

  1. Tasks: structures, processes, interfaces, distribution of tasks
  2. Interaction: interaction with each other, conflict, communication, team rules
  3. Strategy: vision, mission, plans, strategy

Four Steps to Your Team Development

  1. Briefing

    In our first briefing we talk about your best hopes for the team event, as well as about what you wish to see as an outcome. Together, we define a motto for the team building – if appropriate. After that we will make you an offer. If you like it, we will arrange the dates for your team-building.

  2. Preparation

    In order to prepare the workshop, we will most likely have another conversation with you as the team head, but possibly also with some key people in your team. We will ask them about what their best hopes are from the workshop, in other words what they would like to see as an outcome, and what they would like to happen during the workshop. Based on this information, we develop the program.

  3. Workshop

    We meet at a location of your choice for a period of 1-2 days. The programme is tailored to your needs and those of your team. We aim to keep it interactive and varied, and to create a fun and positive climate which fosters active cooperation. We apply a variety of solution-focused methods, often enriched by creative activities.

  4. Follow-up

    The tracking of agreed objectives and measures lies primarily in the hands of the team players. We support this by helping you define signs of progress in the workshop, and providing a follow-up appointment within a reasonable time period (usually 1-3 months afterwards).

Team Workshops with a Difference!

Pinning index cards or writing flip charts is not all it takes for an inspiring team session. Therefore we offer alternative formats for teams, which can have a big impact! Our creative team-workshops are sometimes facilitated by a duo consisting of an experienced team coach together with a creative expert.

u-act: Acting as a Team

All the world's a stage, and all the team members are actors!

In this workshop, games and tasks taken from improvisation help to shake up any rigid interaction patterns, create fun experiences and allow team-members to act out new solutions in an experimental setting. The participants learn about themselves in a new way and gather different perspectives.

u-team-up Outdoors: Team workshops in Nature

With the able support of our cooperation partner Robert Apflauer more and more of our team-events are taking place in nature.
These workshops use simple outdoor methods (usually staying on the ground!) to promote team learning and assist teams in their ability to cooperate better.

u-cook: Team Building with Cooking

A fun event, which always creates a good mood, inspite of all the hard work.

We distribute recipes for various dishes. From then on, the team decides independently who does what. The ingredients are already there, and a cooking expert is available as a resource, but all dishes are prepared autonomously by the team. It is interesting to observe how roles and responsibilities are distributed, how the interfaces work, and who volunteers to decorate and serve the meals. Usually the food turns out to be excellent, and the highlight of the event is the praise for and joint celebration of the cooks.

The important difference to other other cooking events: we don´t just cook and enjoy the meal, but use the joint activities to get the team to actively observe and reflect on their team roles and processes, to uncover hidden resources, and to try out new and different ways of interacting.

Team-Workshops in Short Formats

If you wish to spend even less time or money on a workshop and need to avoid travel and accommodation costs, our half-day events provide you with this opportunity.

The preparation and follow-up of the workshops can take place at your place of business during a normal working day. It can work like this:

  • We meet up in your office and discuss your goals and desired outcomes (Time required: approx. 2 hours, depending on group size)
  • The team and you come to enjoy a stimulating workshop morning or afternoon.
  • A few days thereafter, we meet again in your office, evaluate your experiences, and facilitate their transfer into the team´s everyday experience.

Team Coaching

Sometimes a team needs a small impulse to progress a little faster in their work together. A team coaching of about 2-3 hours works very well here. This sequence is highly similar to a single coaching session and can take place with or without the team head. The ideal group size is 3 to a maximum of 7 people.

The coach works with the group on whatever their concerns are.

Customer Voices from Our Workshops

The workshop has fully met my expectations, and I was surprised. It was structured in a great way: at first we did a few warm-up games, then our challenges increased, and finally we acted out things that I would never have expected us to be able to do.

The facilitation and the programme was really great. It was very interactive and never boring. It was well prepared and even connected with our daily work. So thank you. I am really excited – it was great fun, and something different for a change! That was good for us.

The workshop really showed very well how the team is working. That was useful. At the same time it also gave us new ideas that we would not have had in the office.

I learnt some lessons for myself – not just about cooking!

The workshop ensured that the group feeling is here. Working together showed that the feeling is real and not just empty talk.

There was also enough room to express our thoughts – before the cooking, the discussion breaks in between, and afterwards. I realized things that I had never thought about in this way before.

The workshop showed us how well we fit together, and where we can improve.