What is a Dynamic Assessment?

It usually means that the event contains an opportunity to receive feedback and apply it during the event. This makes it possible to work on and also assess criteria such as Self-Reflection, Learning Agility and, more generally, the development potential of your people.

We recommend Dynamic Assessments for selecting High Potentials. All our Development-, or Learning Centres are constructed in that form.

Duration: Minimum 2 days


  • Selection for High Potential Pools
  • Development
  • making visible criteria such as Self-Reflection and Learning Agility

Diversity in methods has also been proven to be of great use in designing Hearings.

Hearings serve the purpose of selecting candidates to fill a specific position. In our hearings candidates will not only be led through a structured interview by the members of the Hearing Committee , but they will also be challenged by role plays, presentations and short exercises, which shows up their typical behaviours much more clearly than their narratives about their behavior can.


Category: Assessments

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