When do you use ACs, when DCs, and what is the difference?

In the Assessment Centre participants are confronted with a series of structured tasks which are tailored to the demands of their future position. The tasks must be based on competency profiles which adequately reflect what the organisation expects from their future leaders or key people. These we profiles we either develop together or we use your existing ones.

Duration: depending on your needs and the number of candidates, minimum usually one day


  • you need to make an important selection decision, either for a new position with internal and/or external candidates, or choosing candidates for a talent or leadership pool.

The Development Centre gives an impulse to the learning and development of participants. It does not provide material for a selection decision. The whole process is different, assuming more of a workshop atmosphere, where participants, facilitators, peers and assessors are working together to jointly help each other learn about how to improve their competencies.

Duration: 1-2 days


  • You have selected the target group already and want to provide the participants with an individualised learning experience that gives them a good feeling for where they currently stand in the development of their competencies.
  • usolvit strives to make each assessment a positive learning experience for all and builds in developmental methods in every AC.

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