What is coaching and how can it benefit me?

What is coaching?

Coaching is a professional, goal-oriented conversation during which different subjects, questions, problems or challenges from your work situation or from the interface between your work and private life are dealt with in a solution-focused way. The outcome is defined jointly at the beginning of the conversation: it may be a decision you have been thinking about, an action-plan for addressing a difficult leadership situation, or a change you want to make.

Coaches aim to support you in dealing with your different roles, your strengths, talents and competencies, as well as with your challenges and difficulties in your daily professional life in an informed and active manner. We believe that the better you manage to do this, the more success and satisfaction you will experience. We apply our long-term experience as coaches, leaders and experts to help you set sail towards your own solutions.

What does a coach do?

Coaches do not provide you with an answer to your questions by giving advice, for example. Instead, they help you find your own answers through a dialogue.

As coaches we aim to support you in the development of your own solutions. This we do by asking you questions, listening attentively, challenging you to formulate your goals, and trying to direct you from your problem to your desired state. We also offer support in helping you to formulate and implement suitable and realistic measures and steps to take towards your goals.

In contrast to “good friends”, who may also often offer support, coaches are professionals in formulating questions, articulating goals and in the choice of suitable coaching tools. We are neutral and have no vested interest in the kind of goals or results that you want to achieve. We are simply interested in you achieving a result that is good for you, whatever that may be.

How much time do I need for my coaching?

  • Sometimes only one session of 30 – max. 90 minutes.
  • Sometimes several sessions (3-7 units) with time-gaps for implementation.
  • In some cases a time-out of half a day can be useful.

Does a good coach have to be an expert in my field?

No. A good coach is first and foremost an expert in coaching and only secondly an expert in a specific work area or sector. Sometimes not knowing anything about an issue can help the coach to ask pertinent and challenging questions that no one has thought about before.

However, usually we find it helpful to have a coach who has some background understanding of the customer´s context (i.e. the sector, the industry, the function). Therefore we usually match up for example a coach who has leadership experience to coach other leaders.

What can I expect to happen in a coaching session?

Every coaching is different because every person and situation is different. Therefore, the coaching process needs to be very flexible. Sometimes it is important to kick off developments, in other situations our customers have to come to terms with going more slowly or accepting the status quo.

However, in spite of the overriding need for flexibility, there is a tried-and-tested approach to running a coaching-unit. This is what it could be like:

  1. Starting the session: What is currently going on in your life? What is better or different since our last coaching session?
  2. Goal-Setting: How will you notice that this coaching session has been useful to you? What do you want to achieve?
  3. Solution-Analysis: Dealing with your issues – Suppose your problem were solved? How would you notice? Describe your solution in detail. What difference would this make to you? How would others notice? Etc.
  4. Planning progress: with regard to your preferred future where do you stand today? What is already working? What can you build on? What would be different if you were one step further on the path of progress? Who needs to do what in order to proceed? Etc.
  5. Concluding the session: What could we still do today to fulfil your goals for this coaching session? What could you set in motion today to move towards your goals?

How can I benefit from coaching?

  • You are distancing yourself from your daily operations and are treating yourself to a consistent, facilitated and structured discussion of your goals, actions and plans.
  • You benefit from having a neutral and professional sparring partner who supports your wishes and goals and gives you feedback.
  • You develop solutions that are tailored for your situation.
  • You find new ideas and discover new possibilities.
  • You develop alternative scenarios and measures.
  • You are simply faster and arrive at your own solutions in a more professional and structured way.

Any further questions? – Please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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