Experts for Solution Focused Change in Organizations

Dr. Susanne Burgstaller, Consultant, Author, Coach
Dr. Susanne Burgstaller, Solution Expert, Managing Director and Principal Consultant of usolvit consultants GmbH.

Welcome to usolvit, the experts for solution focused change in organizations!

Our name is our motto: You solvit! We believe in your competence in creating solutions that fit you. Our goal: to inspire and support you in this endeavour.

What is a solution? Not necessarily the opposite of a problem – as is so commonly assumed. Instead it is what people want for their future, and that can be so much more than the opposite of a problem!

Many of our clients feel stuck in their problems. How can they create solutions when they feel that way? We help them through using solution focused language, mainly in the form of questions, by redirecting their search away from “problem-land” into “solution-land”, and by looking at what still works – even a little bit.

The radical shift into solution-creation, however, comes about when clients start to describe what they really want in detail. That is the moment when they fall in love with their future, and when that happens there is usually no holding them back from creating it.

So, if you want to have more impact and make your change efforts easier: Why not try out the solution-focused approach?

usolvit consultants GmbH facilitates change for organisations, teams and individuals. Our areas of expertise are Organisational DevelopmentHR Development, Team building and Coaching.

Whether you need to

  • (re-)align an organization, a unit or a team in a new direction
  • ensure that your strategy is actually implemented
  • help your people cope with change
  • a sparring partner to sort and structure your ideas

This is what you can expect from usolvit:

  • quick achievement of results 
  • a positive atmosphere created by concentrating on strengths and resources
  • experienced handling of difficult situations
  • a variety of methods
  • a lively and pragmatic approach


Please read more about our offer, some typical customer issues and a sample of our projects on the following pages. Or contact us directly for a conversation about your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Customer Referral

With her extensive experience, extraordinary communication skills, and her special skill in dealing with multi-cultural teams and coachees, Dr. Susanne Burgstaller has made a significant contribution to the development of my staff. She is always friendly; her obliging manner, excellent communication skills and empathy put her in a position to ensure a positive and constructive atmosphere for discussion every time.

Division Head at a large bank