The usolvit-Change-Wheel powers your change mission.


A mission towards a new world of work is much like a journey through unknown terrain towards a largely unknown destination. What do you need to reach your goal safely? Set a direction, give orientation to your change team, build confidence and mutual trust. And employ a good guide. (link to SB)

Change missions can indeed be hard work. But there’s good news! The usolvit Change-Wheel provides orientation and powers your mission. With that in mind, you ensure that you yourself solve it! Using the usolvit-Change Wheel as your guide increases the speed with which you will reach your preferred future Way of Work.  

Set up your change mission to quickly pick up speed and achieve a successful outcome. Find Guidance for your expedition!

You can use the usolvit-Change-Wheel for change missions of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to go by scooter or bicycle, car or bus, ship or jet plane – it powers your mission reliably. It even works with a rocket if you want to set off to completely new and as yet undiscovered galaxies!

6 activities that will generate momentum for your change mission:

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1. Move people

People are crucial if you want your change mission to succeed. One key to success is to increase their participationby jointly designing the change as a mutually dynamic path. The second key is to form cohesive and diverse teamswho will learn to decide autonomously and act together in the moment. Thirdly, as leader of your change mission, you need clear vision and purpose!

Get your team ready for the change mission!
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2. Align mindsets

Embarking on a mission requires courage and a willingness to embrace change. New behaviour and communication structures create the ideal framework for the change process. A positive attitude, an agile mindset and personal maturity on the part of the expedition members are essential success factors.

Create a positive change mindset!

3. Define purpose

The quest for meaning sets the fundamental framework for the whole expedition. Only when people recognise the resulting changes the benefits they bring, will they be prepared to make personal contributions. A positive and common sense of the expedition unites.

Define your positive corporate purpose!

4. Describe destination

The destination is the expedition’s North Star, which everyone should know - not only the expedition leaders! Only when it is clear where you are going can you pack the appropriate equipment and plan the route. Giving new orientation at every stage is the core task of leadership.

Set goals with emotional pull!
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5. Promote progress

In order to make progress measurable, a concrete assessment of the situation is needed before the expedition starts. Only those who know and recognise their resources and potentials can plan wisely. It is important to get moving quickly, to learn from experiments, to evaluate experiences, and even to take a break at times. This is how the impossible becomes possible!

Rely on step-by-step success!
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6. Sustain change

Have we arrived? An expedition is over when its purpose has been fulfilled. But is change ever completed? An appreciative look back at the completed stages and the results achieved brings new insights. The expedition's "souvenirs" should be carefully evaluated - this is the only way to create a lasting benefit for existing and future journeys.

Learn to keep doing!

usolvit Guidance and Support

How can usolvit support you to effectively structure your change mission so that you gain momentum quickly and take the shortest possible route to your preferred Way of Work?

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Change Management Consulting

Profound change or transformation is called for in many organisations. However, experience with transformation is not necessarily part of every leader´s repertoire. If you set off on a new mountain hike, you’ll find an experienced guide. If you set off on a new change mission, there’s no appreciable difference. Multiply your chances of success and get professional support for these new and challenging tasks.

Structure your change process efficiently!
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Enterprise Agility Coaching

Organisations need lightning agility in order to meet constantly changing conditions successfully. How can you switch from a classic hierarchy to a nimble and dynamic unit? It’s a real and necessary metamorphosis! Agile methods offer huge potential when connected with an agile mindset and aligned with business goals. Applying them requires fresh know-how about how to get this transformation right but without creating chaos in your organisation.

Get fresh know-how to make your organisation agile!

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