usolvit facilitates solutions for organisations, teams and individuals. Our areas of expertise are organizational development and change, team building, human resource development and coaching. Solutions are what you want for your future. usolvit aims to support individuals, teams and organisations attain their best self.

Our name is our programme: “You solve it!”

This philosophy means for us in practice:

We respect your competence and expertise in your own situation. As consultants we aim to spark off new ideas and support you in implementing them. We carefully amplify what works already and add new perspectives without trying to impose alien initiatives.

We offer our experience and know-how – you decide what is suitable for you.

Therefore our chief motto is: supporting resourceful development!


The following basic convictions constitute our credo and direct our actions:

Flow for it!

This stands for using what is there the resources in your organisation, exploiting the forces already in your life for positive purposes. Go with the flow!

Count on miracles

We trust in the creativity and resourcefulness of individuals and organisations. They can make miracles happen!

Act instead of complain

Lots of people love to complain. It stops them from having to do anything about their situation. What to do instead? Making small changes creates big effects in the long run. What matters is to get the ball rolling.

Belief matters

Trust in yourself and in others.

“The action is in the interaction.” (Insoo Kim Berg)

We define ourselves in our interaction. Therefore appreciation is fertile soil for growth.

Consulting Approach

Our consulting is based on the solution-focused approach by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg.
These four principles determine the approach we take to our work:


  • Problems and solutions are usually not connected in a linear fashion. We believe that it is not necessary to investigate problems to create solutions. Solutions are what you want from your future.
  • We focus on your desired outcomes and help you identify your wishes, to describe them clearly and in detail, and to start doing things that bring you closer to your preferred future.


  • We focus on existing strengths and resources and on what is already working.
  • We believe in your expertise and work hard to help you bring it to bear on you generating your own solutions.

Diversity of…

  1. Methods: A solutions-focused ethos and toolset is at the core of our consulting work. In addition, we regularly invent and co-create a variety of methods jointly with our customers to fit the situation.
  2. Subjects: The extensive experience of our consultants allows us to cover a broad range of subjects.
  3. Cultural: We are internationally oriented and can draw on a wide range of intercultural experiences – in national, organisational and functional cultures.

Lively and hands-on

  • Our approach to consulting work is “serious fun”. By that we mean working in an outcome-focused, playful and innovative manner, combining dedication with light-heartedness.
  • A cheerful and relaxed atmosphere allows intuition and creativity to flow and this again creates better results.
  • We like to work on vital issues in a pragmatic, hands-on manner.