The Murder of Change Management

Here is an extract from Susanne’s SOLtalk at the SOLworld conference in Stockholm in September 2014 on “The Murder of Change Management”. To view the video of the SOLtalk, click here

Obituary to Change Management

With great sorrow we announce the passing away of our dear friend and most esteemed benefactor, traditional Change Management. Change Management’s contributions to our organisational lives were manifold. It strengthened the impression of stability in our organisations and safeguarded our organisations from undergoing any radical shifts. It created many grand designs and change processes, projects and programmes, and inspired us to find many wonderful-sounding names for them. It deepened our understanding of our problems and focused our attention on an in-depth analysis of what was not working. It helped us forge a leadership coalition to provide clarity of vision at the top and fully prepared us to expect resistance. It told us to sharpen our staff members’ fears of remaining at the status quo and to crack the whip in order to move everyone along.It taught us all about the 8 steps of change, the 7 levels of the organisation that need change, the ten commandments of change, the 20 milestones of change processes, the 35 rules of negotiating with stakeholders, and it described in depth the 275 things leaders must do in order to support Change Management.

For all of this we are eternally grateful, because it has given our organisations the peace and tranquillity to appear dynamic and innovative to the outside world, while maintaining the rigour of hierarchy and structures that have been handed down to us from our fore-fathers going back to the industrial revolution and before.

We deplore our great loss.

With deep gratitude for the many achievements of Change Management

The Board Members of numerous organisations



 Announcement by the GIA (Global Investigations Agency)

The GIA is asking anyone who has relevant information about the murder of Change Management to come forward and give evidence. We are looking for anyone displaying any or all of the listed behaviours in situations of organisational change, either as a consultant, coach, leader or staff member:

  • Talking about hope (instead of using fear)
  • Expecting cooperation (instead of resistance)
  • Making experiments (instead of roadmaps)
  • Looking for small signs of progress or taking baby steps (instead of milestones and deadlines)
  • Elaborating on the Preferred Future or Future Perfect, or what might be better, or any such nonsense (instead of what we must stop doing)
  • Doing something differently (instead of talking about it)
  • Changing something (not someone)
  • Looking for what works in the old (instead of scrapping it and starting afresh)

We suspect that this may be a conspiracy and we are looking for a band of like-minded individuals. Most likely suspects are ALL the members of the SF community!!!