New Book: Team Talk

Team Talk: Building Excellence with Solution Focused Skills

The secret sauce for excellent teams is Team Talk: The way team mates talk to each other matters more now than ever before. Team members need to be able to speak from the heart and build trusting relationships on a peer-to-peer level, while at the same time producing excellent outcomes effectively. Both can be achieved by applying Solution Focused skills.

In this book you will learn about 15 Solution Focused Skills for use in your workplace. The members of the Solution Focused Skills Team will help you become a better communicator and collaborator. Whether you are a team member or leader, a coach or consultant, a product owner or scrum master – it is their job to make your life easier! They will teach you how to find solutions for typical communication and team challenges in the shortest possible time. You can count on them when you want:

  • Positive relations and real collaboration in your team
  • A clear sense of direction for your work
  • More readiness for change
  • Better and faster outcomes
  • Productive meetings and conversations
  • Coping better with challenges and conflicts

This book is full of concrete and practical examples, tasks and exercises for you and your team. You can use them in every day situations, in stand-ups, for retrospective or other meetings, or in team workshops. It builds on Solution Focus, which is a powerful and pragmatic approach to positive communications and change perfected by thousands of practitioners worldwide. 

Applying Team Talk will surely make a huge positive difference to how you and your team talk and collaborate in the future.

You will learn about the following Solution Focused Communication Skills:

Solution-Focused Questionshelps you formulate more powerful questions
The Best Hopes Questiongives a clear direction from the start
The Preferred Futuredescribes concretely where you are heading
The Miracle Questionsurmounts problem focus as if by magic
The Tomorrow Questionsheds more light on your preferred future
The Scaleshelp spot your assets and progress 
The Best Selfprepares you for challenging events
Appreciative Observationsstrengthens you and your relationships
The Experimental Taskhelps you get on with things easily
The Exceptionfinds out when the problem is on holiday
The Previous Solutionenjoys unearthing what has worked before
The Breakmakes work life less stressful and more productive
The Listaccounts for resources
Constructive Listeningreliably directs conversations towards solutions
Positive Assumptionsalways gets things off to the best possible start

What do customers say about the Solution Focused Skills Team? 

I have used the Skills Team in many situations. Both me and my team colleagues have found it extremely versatile and inspiring. – Stefan Kreil, Senior Risk Manager, SAP AG, Walldorf

I like the fact that the skills have a face. It makes them come alive for me. – Andreas Schaffron, Coach and Consultant, BPO Consulting

I like to use the Solution Focused Skills Team for coaching teams to excellence. They are fun and easy to use. They really help improve the communication skills of many members of the organisation effectively and sustainably. – Marie-Luise Häusler, Austrian Parliament 

With each member of the Solution Focused Communication Skills Team you get the following:

  • A short description of the skill
  • What this skill is best used for
  • Some illustrations to make key concepts clearer
  • A number of examples of what this skill looks like in practice
  • One or more application tasks

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What this booklet cannot do is fully replace a Solution Focused seminar or workshop, because nothing can replace the learning gained from interacting with others. 

Therefore we invite you to also attend a Team Talk workshop. The next open Team Talk seminar will be held by Chris Iveson and Susanne on May 4-5, 2020 in Vienna, and in London on September 14-15, 2020. Book today!!

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