The Family of Solution Focused Tools

15 solution focused tools are ready to help you have better conversations, meetings, cooperations, team relations and outcomes. A whole tool family for leaders and teams to discover and embed solution focused mindsets and behaviors in organizations.

How can you use us?

We are there for you if you want to get a practical insight into how to apply solution focus in your daily work life. You do not need to be an expert in solution-focus to benefit from us. We contain:

  • a description of who we are and what difference we can make
  • a set of application ideas, questions and tasks
  • visualisations to make ideas clearer

We will readily spring out of the box and come to your aid when you need some inspiration for a tricky conversation, a difficult meeting or a new challenge you are facing. You can also stand us on your desk or put us up on your wall to remind you of our presence and support. Or you can share us with your team mates and try out some of our suggestions and ideas with them. Just experiment with us – we are very adaptive!

At present there are fifteen of us ready to spring into action to support you:
Solution-Focused Questions the mother
The Preferred Future the father
Best Hopes a daughter
The Morning Question a daughter
The Miracle Question a daughter
The Scales several sons
Best Self a son
Appreciative Comments an uncle
Experimental Tasks a great aunt
Exceptions granny
Previous Solutions grandpa
The Break an aunt
The List a cousin
Constructive Listening an aunt
Positive Assumptions an aunt

We are the core family members who provide essential help if you want to start out or continue on your way to being an effective solution focused practitioner.

It is our job to make your life easier – whether you are a leader, team member, coach or HR specialist! You can count on us when you want to achieve some of the following outcomes:

  • A clearer sense of direction for your work
  • A more detailed picture of what you and your team mates want
  • More productive meetings
  • A better flow of conversations
  • Better and faster outcomes
  • More positive relations
  • Better cooperation
  • More readiness for change
  • Coping better with challenges and difficulties
How did we come into existence? – Acknowledgements

Many of us first came into being years ago through the pioneering work of Steve de Shazer, Insoo Kim Berg and their team, initially in the areas of therapy and social work. Many solution-focused practitioners, in particular the members of the SOL community, have adapted us to unfold our power also in the context of organisations.

The founders of the BRIEF practice in London, and in particular Chris Iveson, have been most influential in our creation. Chris Iveson has cooperated with Susanne Burgstaller to create our texts. Harald Karrer has drawn our portraits based on ideas by Susanne. We hope to become useful tools for you, whether you are leaders, team members, coaches, trainers or consultants.

How can you get to us?

You can order us now from this website and we will come to you in a nice box of printed cards from May 2018.

You will also be able to connect with other people who work with us on this website in the future and share and exchange experiences and useful application tipps! Watch this space for more information to come.

Let us know if you are interested and we will inform you when the SF family toolbox is ready and reserve a set for you: