ugrow Projects: HRD

Protect GrowthHere is a short sample of our HRD-projects so you can get an idea of what kind of work we are doing:


How do we spot and develop our best talents? – Global Talent-Management for a Manufacturing Group

An international manufactoring company needed to foster those members of its workforce who were mobile across countries and divisions. For this purpose a talent pool was selected internally. This group was offered a development center at the beginning of a  two-year programme of trainings and projects, and  another AC at the end.
Our project-steps were:

Design and Preparation
  • Establishing a strategy for the project: how many talents do we need? for what levels and purposes? how do we select them?
  • planning the project in agreement with the international project team
  • preparing local Talent-Management conferences and training the facilitators
Selecting Talents
  • Establishing and agreeing selection procedures
  • Facilitating Divisional Conferences and the Group Conference
  • Designing a communication plan for Talent Management for the Group
Assessment Centers
  • Designing and running Assessment Centers which give the talents appropriate inputs for their further competence development

How do we improve our sales function? – Management Audit in a Retail Company

The Austrian Division of an international Retail Company needed to make some delicate decisions in its sales department. Over a period of 1,5 years

  • the position of Regional Sales Director needed to be filled
  • the Regional Sales Directors on board needed some development impulse
  • the position of Sales Head Austria needed to be filled externally.

First of all we identified the new sales competencies in a scenario-workshop with the top management team. Next, we designed individual assessments to audit the potential and existing candidates. The assessor team consisted of two members of top management and the external consultant. The board received written reports from the audit and took their decisions in a facilitated meeting jointly with the assessors.  All candidates – also the external ones – received a personal feedback from the consultant. The internal participants received intensive feedback from internal and external assessors, plus a development plan and some coaching sessions with the consultant.

Assessing and Spotting Talents for Top Leadership Positions in an International Banking Group

A banking group headquartered in Vienna was aiming to fill more board positions in their CEE network internally. For this purpose they need to select internal potentials for a prestigious development programme. This was meant to increase retention and prepare and develop internal candidates for board positions. What we did in this situation, after establishing the basic project outline:


The candidates were nominated by their local board-members and pre-screened through a telephone interview with Corporate HR and a consultant fromusolvit. In an HR conference in Vienna the candidates´ merits were discussed and their nomination confirmed or rejected.

Selection AC

The candidates selected were invited to an Assessment Center in which they were assessed by board members from different countries. Since their time was rather precious, the AC was run in night-, and morning shifts. Knowledge about and sensitivity to the intercultural differences of leadership behaviour was essential in this selection process. On the second day the participants received feedback from the board members and had the possibility of a consultation with Corporate HR and a coaching session with an external consultant from usolvit.


How do we need to lead in the future? – Competence Management and Assessments in a large bank

The financial crisis was making it evident that the current notions of good leadership needed to be overhauled. The HR-department in a large, international bank was reacting quickly to that. They called in a consultant from usolvit to change and modify the existing competency model for all levels of leaders. This was done in a process involving not only the HR and external experts, but also the leaders themselves.
The new competence profiles were the basis for a new learning architecture for managers plus a new assessment process. usolvit was called in to facilitate and newly design the Assessment Centers in the bank. In this process the following principles were important for us:

  • designing future-oriented simulations which nevertheless match current reality
  • development impulses: We are using many methods which give a positive development impulse to participants and help assessors spot potentials. This increases the social validity of our assessments and increases the likelihood of personal change.
  • rigorous application of Ethical Guidelines
  • supporting the bank to embed the Assessment Centers in a well-structured internal process
  • sound Assessor Training