Enterprise Agility Coaching

Agile know-how has gone way beyond the Agile Manifesto and the basic methods. There are now clear insights into how agile methods work outside of IT. Clearly agile transformations cannot be managed in a “waterfall” manner – a fresh approach is required.

Acquire know-how on

  • How you can use agility to achieve the goals of your organisation
  • How to promote self-organisation
  • Develop fluid and people-centred organisational designs
  • Communicate the effectiveness and benefits of agility to your employees
  • How you can become agile without ever introducing scrum ;-)

usolvit services encompass consulting your management team on the applicability of business agility for your organization, coaching your agile transformation team, receive inputs on enterprise agility, and have a companion and sparring partner for your agile transformation.

Get agile coaching for your organisation!

Executive Coaching on Storytelling

Business stories need to be more than fairy tales. If well constructed, following certain principles, they have the power to move the members of the organisation. But not every manager is a born storyteller.

Get support with the following questions:

  • How can storytelling benefit our change process?
  • What dramaturgy do we want?
  • What desired future do we want our story to descrobe?
  • What hurdles do we need to overcome?
  • What fits the current situation of the organisation and the path it has taken so far?
  • How can I / how can we tell our story authentically?
  • How can we switch a problem narrative into a solution story

usolvit services range from brainstorming your change story, ghost-writing, integration into your change journey to performance coaching before an event.

Tell motivating change stories!

Executive Team Coaching

What does usolvit coaching achieve for executive teams?

  • Achieve alignment of strategy, purpose and vision
  • Jointly drive execution and business development
  • Try out new methods for change
  • Review business models
  • Form a team

Your executive team could benefit from a greater sense of togetherness and content-related sparring? usolvit offers flexible support. Susanne has been coaching teams at that level for years.

Support your executive team!