Mission to a New Way of Work. The world of work needs a new WoW!

Which Preferred Future would you like to move towards?
What could your new „Way of Work“ look like? Here are our ideas:

  • Positiver Purpose as a driving force
  • Positive corporate culture and an inspiring employee experience
  • The spirit of agile is alive and generates value for customers
  • New forms of leadership: empowering, adaptive, purpose-driven
  • Modern organisational designs: close to the customer, fluid, learning, self-organised

usolvit supports executive directors and managers in the field of knowledge-based work, who are serious about moving their organisations towards a new Way of Work and want to generate a WoW-Effect for themselves and their organisations.

usolvit offers you a complete change-toolset and a solution-focused lens. This will help you develop your own solutions. We will facilitate this solution-creation process in a way that ensures: You solve it!

What does usolvit do differently?

  • Solution analysis instead of problem analysis
  • Unique mix of methods from practice and science
  • Tons of experience
  • Steady flow of fresh knowledge
  • The perspective of millennials on board
How do we work? - Methods

usolvit is a family-run business with a large international network. We are a good mix of baby-boomers, Xer and millenials. Susanne Burgstaller is the founder, CEO and principal consultant in this team.

Our Motivation - Why do we do what we do?

  • because we want people and organisations to flourish and develop to the best of their talents and abilities
  • because it is clear to us that „old-work“ organisations will not survive and that change is everywhere.
  • because our society urgently needs social innovation – and organisations are good starting points.
  • because it is our mission to spread concrete practical knowledge about a better „way of work“.

What is usolvit known for?

  • an inspiring vision for the new “way of work”
  • a solution-focused approach to change management
  • agile paths towards positive, excellent organisations
Who? - Team & Network

Set off on a journey towards YOUR new Way of Work with us!

The path to a new world of work resembles an expedition through unknown terrain towards a relatively unknown destination. For this trip you not only need to get your people to come along, but you also require a good guide.

usolvit offers 20 years of experience in guiding change expeditions through unknown terrain. Susanne has deep practical know-how and combines this with the latest findings from organisational research. Naturally, we translate this know-how into your individual context, because: Every organisation is different. As a consequence, every change journey is different. We co-create your journey in order to make a new way of work come alive in your organisation.

Take advantage of the support from which others have already benefited


Brechen auch Sie mit uns auf zu Ihrem neuen Way of Work!

The usolvit-Change-Wheel gets your expedition going!

Throughout your expedition, the usolvit Change Wheel will provide orientation. The know-how it contains will serve as a driving force. That way you will quickly and safely reach your desired Way of Work.

We will show you how to set up and steer your expedition to allow you to pick up speed quickly, make steady progress and reach your destination safely.

Get know-how and guidance for your change expedition here!


New book: Team Talk. Building Excellence with Solution-Focused Skills.

The secret recipe for excellent organisations are excellent teams. The way in which people communicate and interact in teams makes the difference. Solution-focused skills lead to better results, relationships, climate and shorter paths to solutions.

Solution focus is a powerful and pragmatic approach to positive communication and change, that is successfully applied by thousands of practitioners worldwide. In this book, you will learn about 15 solution-focused skillsets through many exercises and examples for immediate application in your daily work routine.

More Informations about the book "Team Talk"


Cover from the book Team Talk

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