Learning Journeys

Learning Journey: Agile Change Leadership

Your managers will learn how to redefine their leadership role in an agile organisation. This often means a fundamental rethinking of their understanding and interpretation of what it means to be a leader. This is needed so that agile methods can unfold their effect.

On this learning journey your leaders will gain know-how about

  • What the agile mindset is helpful for
  • Which agile-adaptive methods and leadership tools are suitable for the new world of work
  • How motivation and self-organisation can be developed
  • How to think about and optimise processes and structures from the customer's point of view
  • How to achieve innovation and a positive failure culture
Use the power of agile leadership!

Learning Journey: Positive Leadership

Your managers will gain new know-how on how to communicate in a more motivating way, create a positive climate with helpful working relationships, and thereby lead their organisation to excellence.

During this learning journey the participants will learn how to

  • Increase the performance of their organisation through "positive" behaviours
  • How to significantly increase engagement through strengths-based feedback
  • Double their productivity by investing in their best performers
  • Align the organisation with a positive purpose
Harness the power of Positive Leadership!
Our Positive Leadership Journey
Our Positive Leadership Journey

Learning Journey: Change Leadership

Managers and change agents strengthen their change competence. They learn how they can promote change and do this in an effective and solution-focused way.

They learn how to:

  • Design change processes with modern agile methods
  • Get people on board
  • Achieve change without resistance
  • Design a solution-focused roadmap for change
  • What alternatives there are to outdated "waterfall methods"
Use the power of change leadership!