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Agile transformation of the Corporate Banking Division of
Raiffeisen Bank International AG.

Challenges: Optimisation of the corporate business in interaction with 14 network banks, support of the strategy process, coaching the senior leadership team.

How: Process facilitation and moderation of large group events with international board members; coaching of key players.

Duration: 3 years and ongoing

Impact: high participation of network banks, stronger cohesion, strategically important initiatives are launched on an ongoing basis. Agile methods are being addressed at the highest management level. The strategy is constantly evolving and execution improved.



Accompanying the Modernisation of the Austrian Constitutional Court.

Challenges: Digitalisation, relocation, changes in organisational structure and processes.

How: Coaching of president and head of the presidium, work with executives, vision and strategy process, implementation.

Duration: 4.5 years (instead of 5 as projected).

Impact: The very ambitious goals were fully implemented in a shorter time frame than estimated.



Design and facilitation of a talent management and succession planning process for Agrana Holding AG and its subsidiaries.

Challenge: Identifying and promoting leadership talent and securing successors for key positions in a food manufacturing group operating in Austria and the CEE region.

How? Facilitation of bi-annual review meetings of all management and key positions, selection of top talents within the board of directors, conception of a development assessment.

Duration: One-time conception and monitoring of the process every 2 years.

Impact: Managers are more aware of their development task, successors are being developed, top talents have been identified and promoted in a talent programme.



Design and implementation of a Positive Leadership Journey for the CEE Division of Coface.

Challenge: To change leadership behaviours, teach new leadership approaches and methods, to initiate change in the organisation.

How? 5 very interactive workshops on positive leadership and change-related topics with an international group of managers.

Duration: 25 workshops within 5 months in different CEE locations for 60 managers in groups of 12-15 persons.

Impact: change impact in the different operations, better awareness of leadership responsibilities, significant increase in staff survey scores, improvement in leadership culture, open communication, shared goals, better collaboration.



Team Coaching for Directors within the Austrian National Bank.

Challenges: Preparing strategy recommendations to the Board of Directors, coordination of execution, maintaining cohesion in a changing team, achieving efficiency and structural improvements in the organisation.

How? Facilitation of jour fixes and strategy workshops.

Duration: 2 workshops per year on a regular basis plus process support

Impact: good cohesion between the very different areas, constant learning from and with each other, joint development of procedures that can be implemented in the organisation.



Team Coaching for the Board of Raiffeisenbank Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Challenges: forming a team with new members, defining a common strategy, resolving conflicts.

How? Individual and group coaching, workshop facilitation at quarterly sessions.

Duration: 1 year.

Impact: homogeneous team with good cohesion and congruent ways of working.

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