5. Promoting Progress

Challenges for Change Expeditions

On uncertain terrain and in a complex environment, the detailed roadmap is best created on foot, together with all expedition members. Course corrections must always be possible, and good instruments are needed to minimize the risks and keep the expedition on course towards "Destination North Star"!

The secret recipe for even the deepest transformation is to take small steps. But in the midst of all this, it is often impossible for those affected to see their own progress. This, however, is absolutely crucial in order to navigate effectively and maintain motivation.

One of the most feared change killers besides resistance is change fatigue. Visible sub-targets and a sense of achievement can counteract this.

You do not see the miles you have sailed.

usolvit Guidance and Support

How can usolvit support you in making rapid and steady progress so that the impossible becomes possible?

Handshake: Beratung & Moderation

Facilitation of Change Teams

On the way to a new way of work, the pioneers in particular need structure, orientation and good tools as their equipment. They should know when and how to use evolution and revolution, where real innovation is needed and which practices should be changed or retained, so that the baby is not thrown out with the bath water.

Provide guidance for yourself and your change team!

Progress Monitoring With Large Groups

Change is easier to achieve when you are not alone and when all those involved can see that others are also changing. This is particularly important in the case of cultural changes, which, as we all know, cannot be imposed by order. The joy about what has been achieved and the mutual positive affirmation that one is on the right path together strengthen the momentum.

Use your group’s power!

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