Mag. Dr. Susanne Burgstaller

Mag. Dr. Susanne Burgstaller
Mag. Dr. Susanne Burgstaller

Mag. Dr. Susanne Burgstaller –
Founder, Principal Consultant and and Managing Director of
usolvit consultants GmbH

  • Professional Certified Coach der ICF (International Coach Federation) bis 2018.
  • BRIEF Diplom für lösungsfokussierte Praxis.
  • Zertifizierte Reteaming Coach.
  • ICAgile Certified Professional: Agility in the Enterprise & Coaching Agile Transformations




years of experience

in entrepreneurship, coaching, teambuilding, consulting and training


years of experience

with solution-focus in organisations


years of experience

as a manager



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(near) native in German and English



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flight levels

consulting experience




What do I stand for?

My "Big 5 for Life" values are:

  1. Family
  2. Learning
  3. Autonomy
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Positive Impact

Additionaly, this is important for my way of working:

  • Co-creation - creating together
  • Joy
  • Lively, creative and diverse methods
  • Genuine participation
  • Using the pull of a compelling joint vision
  • Appreciation of people and their achievements

What do others appreciate me for?

Here is a selection of feedback from my clients:

  1. Good at structuring, getting to the essence of things and achieving results.
  2. Momentum and joy are infectious
  3. Positive energy and warmth
  4. Surprising others with ideas and generating engagement
  5. The high quality of your work and your humorous manner
  6. It is so easy to tell you everything! - Good listening skills and empathy
  7. A whole lot of know-how and excellent facilitation

If I were an object, which one would I be and why? - 2 answers from my clients:

  • A rolex, because you are so precise and reliable
  • A bouquet of flowers, because you are pleasant and have such a diversity of ideas and approaches

Where did I learn what I use now?

  • when I worked for a consultancy firm in Cambridge/UK and London
  • as a partner in a global training company
  • in the course of managing an international congress office
  • as a start-up founder and managing director of a conference and seminar provider in AT and CEE
  • as partner of the Trigon development consultancy
  • as a consultant to many large companies and public institutions
  • as a self-employed entrepreneur of many years
  • during my many student jobs at various large and small organisations
  • as an assistant at the University of Vienna
  • as a member of enriching communities, for example the solution-focused, the systemic and the agile community
  • during my many different trainings and further educations

Education and training, diplomas and certificates:

I am fundamentally curious and do not like to rest on my laurels. To be helpful, my know-how must always give my clients an edge. That is why I am constantly updating my "suitcase of methods". I am constantly adding new trainings, methods and experiences. Over the last 20 years, this has led to a whole host of diplomas and certificates. Here is a short overview:

  • Degrees in Vienna and Cambridge / UK
  • Leadership trainings on many management topics
  • Diplomas in human resource development, organisational development, and (solution-focused) coaching
  • Systemic organisational consulting with Fritz Simon
  • Diploma as online trainer
  • Certified reteaming coach
  • BRIEF diploma in solution-focused practice
  • Enterprise Agility Coach - Expert, certified by ICAgile (Agility in the Enterprise and Coaching Agile Transformations)
  • Graphic Recording and Visual Facilitation
  • Lecturing at international conferences
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