6. Sustainable Movement

Challenges for Change Expeditions

After a certain period of change, many expedition teams reach a typical danger zone: they have achieved a lot and are happy about their accomplishments. However, the energy for and attention to the change becomes less and less - often also on the part of the client.

A rest can be good. But if you rest you will rust. It's important to keep moving and keep the momentum going. If the expedition has been fun and has achieved something, people more than happy to continue on their very own yellow brick road. And if the new ways of working are more fun, nobody wants to give them up.

If positive change is not noticed, it will go away again.
Steve de Shazer

usolvit Support and Guidance

How can usolvit support you in embedding the achieved change sustainably and, at the same time, maintainingthe momentum of change?


Workshop: Lessons-Learnt Retro

Change means learning. It is therefore important that the change team regularly takes time out to evaluate their experiences as a prerequisite for passing on their findings to others. Social learning is at least as important: the team must reflect on its own working methods and continually optimise them so that the change engine will continue to purr!

Ensure that your change team has a good learning engine!
Handshake: Beratung & Moderation

Consulting: Sustainable Change

The change sponsors need a lot of stamina during the change process. If you lose focus on securing andimplementing change in a sustainable way, many positive developments will fade away. Furthermore, good stakeholder management is needed to keep everyone's focus on the desired future and to keep the energy level high.

Make change sustainable!

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